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Analytics at the Edge of Business – A New Collaborative Model for Delivering Business

Chris Coad
July 21, 2021

Coginiti CEO Rick Hall recently sat down with Chad Perry on the Industrial Evolution Podcast. They had a wide-ranging discussion on analytics at the edge of business, where processes are changing rapidly, and business teams need answers quickly. Their discussion covers the shift from a centralized engineering model to one where business users are empowered to access and use data directly.

Industrial Evolution Podcast

They talk about a new model of Collaborative Analytics and cover topics including:

  • Empowering business teams in a cross functional structure
  • A focus on outcomes which fosters experimentation
  • The importance of hyper scalable and elastic cloud data platforms

Have a listen to discover why future of analytics is decentralized, empowered, and collaborative.

And if you are thinking about tools to support this model, give the Coginiti toolset a try with a free trial of Coginiti Pro.