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Coginiti October 2021 Update (v21.10) Release Now Available

Chris Crompton
October 4, 2021

Our October 2021 release features several updates, including a new data upload interface, results grid view toggle, instant data explore from the database object tree, a full rollout of easy-to-read explain plan output, and a scheduling shortcut within the Coginiti Premium catalog. View Release Overview Demo.

Enhanced Data Upload Interface

Data upload is one of Coginiti Pro’s most popular features.  We’ve now enhanced the UI with clearer navigation and validation for each step in the process.  You can use data insert templates to speed this up even more.  Expect data upload support for even more database platforms in future releases.


Results Grid View Toggle

There’s often a lot of back-and-forth between the query editor and results grid as you refine your query. But it’s sure nice to get the query out of the way once you’re ready to analyze the data.  You can always drag up the results window manually, but it can be tedious to get your cursor just right.  New Grid View is here for you!  Click on “Grid View” in the upper right corner of the Results Grid to expand it. Once expanded, you can get back to the standard layout by clicking the toggle back to “Editor View”.


Instant Data Explore from Database Object Tree

Need a quick reality check on a given database object?  Hover over any table, view, or column in the database object explorer, and an ‘Open’ icon will now appear. Click this to quickly open your target object in the results grid without writing any SQL.

Explain Plan for All

Explain plan is an indispensable tool for query execution performance tuning.  Native EXPLAIN output, however, is practically indecipherable.  We’re happy to announce easy-to-read explain plan output for all supported databases, which includes Redshift, Snowflake, Db2, Netezza, Hive, Postgres, SQL Server, Greenplum, Azure SQL DB and Azure Synapse SQL.  You can find this function by clicking the downward arrow beside the main “Run Script” button.


Scheduling Shortcut from the Catalog

Besides the shared catalog itself, query scheduling is one of the most popular features of Coginiti Premium.  We’ve just made this even easier with the ability to schedule directly from the catalog view.  Just right click on a Catalog item of your choice and use the new “Schedule” context menu option.


Platform Coverage

As you know, we’re always working hard to expand object, autocomplete and DDL coverage for our supported platforms. Here’s what we’ve added today:

  • Greenplum – Check Constraints, Operators
  • Postgres – Primary Keys, Operators, Check Constraints

Over 15+ bug fixes and application performance improvements.

  • Active results tab being changed after closing another tab
  • Pinned ‘Transposed Results does not preserve the column order
  • Tooltip opposite ‘Date Time Format’ in Data Upload does not open

Until next time…. Query on!