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Coginiti July/August 2021 Update (v21.7) Release Now Available

Chris Crompton
July 27, 2021

Coginiti 21.7 includes several helpful updates, including broader platform coverage, improved error messages, and expanded database filtering and query editor insertion functionality. This release cycle also features several enhancements specific to Coginiti Premium, our platform for collaborative analytics.

Database Filtering in Discovery

Several months ago we released the ability to create saved filters for your database connections.  This is useful when you want to focus on just a subset of connections and/or database objects.  Our Discovery Assistant has now been updated to honor any currently active filter.  This makes it pain-free to navigate directly to the target object within the Database Object Tree.

Inserting column name/value from Results grid into a query

Here’s a quick tip: Pressing the spacebar after selecting an object in the Database Object Browser will automatically insert that object name into the query editor.  This under-the-radar functionality has been around for a while, but in version 21.7, we’ve expanded this pattern to work with any column or row value selected in the results grid.  Hitting the space bar after selecting either a results column header or row value cell will now insert that name/value into the query editor.  This is helpful when refining a query from an initial “Select *”.

More useful error messages

IBM Db2 is known for its cryptic error messages.  Loved by those who have memorized hundreds of common error codes, but annoying for the rest of us.  We feel your pain… Coginiti will now do the lookup for you and return Db2 error messages with human-readable descriptions.  We hope this will speed up your troubleshooting efforts!

We’ve also improved error messages related to Data Upload (Bulk Upload & Data Insert).  In addition to reflecting the success/failure status of each data upload task, the Job Monitor now presents helpful details about any errors which may have been encountered.

Platform Coverage

We’re always working hard to expand our deep database support — object, autocomplete and DDL coverage — for our supported platforms. Here’s what we’ve added with version 21.7:

  • Greenplum – Unique Keys, Distributed by, User Defined Data Types, Domains,
  • Postgres – Unique Keys, User Defined Data Types, Domains, System Data Types
  • Redshift – System Data Types

Coginiti Premium & Enterprise

Schedule your demo of Coginiti Premium to see how this collaborative analytics platform expands the functionality of Coginiti Pro with capabilities such as pivoting and charting query results, query scheduling, and, most significantly, a shared analytics catalog with granular permissions to connect data engineers and analysts.

During your demo, we can also show off some additional functionality included in our latest release of Coginiti Premium & Enterprise, which includes:

  • Active Directory configuration through UI –We know configuring syncing users with LDAP is hard, so admins now have a UI to do this.
  • Email configuration – Admins can configure the email server on Coginiti Premium so users can receive external notifications.
  • OAuth with Snowflake – admins will now be able to configure Connection Templates to support OAuth authentication for their users

Until next time…. Query on!