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A Message for Aginity Workbench Customers

After more than 10 fun years of building Aginity Workbench, we have decided to no longer continue developing new features for the product, and it is no longer available for download.

We invite you to experience our next-generation SQL Management tools for your coding efforts, Coginiti Pro and Coginiti Team.

We’ve spent several years of helping large enterprises manage, share and deploy their analytics at scale by building products for large enterprises. We thought it was time to bring the analytic management features we learned and built in those products to our SQL community!

Pro and Team have several differentiating features such as our active analytics catalog, discovery assistant to find what you need, and an intuitive SQL coding experience we think you’re going to love.  We can’t way to hear what you think so after downloading and using it, please drop us a line directly in the product.

Coginiti Pro Download (Tutorials)